Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beach & Jewelry: What would Venus Wear?

Why does walking along the beach bring up thoughts of one's own jewelry style?
Venus, who was born from the froth of the ocean, must have emerged with necklace strands of pearls!
Beach-combing is the very activity of reaching for beauty! Adornment... making the object one's own is the next compulsion.
Thus: what is The Perfect Necklace to wear at the beach! 
WHAT WOULD VENUS WEAR in Dewey Beach :-)
It's got to be natural and of organic form and lines.
Venus and us Girls Just Want to Have Fun: so the necklace needs to be lighthearted and fun.  Add in a dose of clever too!
Considering the hot humid weather....needs to be comfortable and hold up to sweat and sea salt.
My daily pick is a sterling silver oxidized flower pendant, of idealized form, with a citrine center hung on a black leather cord.  The cord holds up to the beach life.
Night life.. what to wear?!  All out glitzy just looks awful and out of place.....not "beach-comby".  Just enough glamour is perfect...a necklace of simple forms and just enough flash to signal your Venus style.
My nightly pick ranges from a chain-and-enamel flower belt which I'll hang around my neck to my new found enameled and jointed fish dangling with pearls and peridot from a 30 inch light weight gold chain.  
Next time I'll muse on earrings and bracelets!
The pendant picture is by James Avery!  I LOVE their jewelry!!!!!


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