Friday, April 24, 2009

Small Kitchen Stories: Mac and Cheese

Upon arriving at the beachy-cottage all commuted-out from the traffic.....I throw my stuff in the cottage..... then take a sunset walk along the beach.  Oh, and maybe a look-see-in at Nalu's, Que Pasa, and Taco Toss too!
       Then, back at home,  I am STARVED and just want something quick, yummy, and maybe left-overs too for a weekend snack too :-)
Mac and Cheese!  Even my my family members would never guess and simultaneously be appalled!  NEVER-EVER in a Million Years, do I make the Mac and Cheese meal at my non-beach abode!  
Read on: this is brilliant.  I use Annie's Shells and Cheddar.  Now comes the creative part: any small bits of veggies can boil along with the shells.  Asparagus is perfect cooking time-wise.  Then of course I pump it up with more cheddar cheese :-)   and then top it with a chopped tomato and .....oohh, maybe some lovely smoked tuna or bluefish or trout :-)
  Take the leftovers and mix in some Hellman's Mayo.......and a nice salad is the result. 
Sshhh, do not tell my friends, they will laugh all Summer!

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