Monday, June 29, 2009

Dewey Beach Musing and Parties.

Friday evening as I walked the beach, I passed the Lifeguard Station with the flag at half-mast.  I surely wanted to think it was spontaneously lowered by the life guards in prayer for Michael Jackson.  That would be so very Dewey Beach!  How many DJ-decades of  MJ Happy Hours has Dewey enjoyed?  I know of one DJ that always uses MJ for his "break-song".
As well, DE's Senator Thurman Adams recently passed.  Thus I think the flag was lowered for him.  But heck, it is for MJ too!!!
Saturday is party night.  This party I enjoyed as the guest list was a combo of Summer House Regulars, week-enders, and locals.  That is the best mix.  The beer flowed and the food was "Manly-Stuff" of various hunking-hulks of roasted meat!  After the party I crawled back to my shack via: Nalus, Que Pasa, The Lighthouse, and then home :-)


  1. Hey- Like your blog. Makes me want to come down and spend a few days swimming, partying, and eating crabs. Alas no dunes here in the south bay and that is one thing I surely miss.

    Will check my schedule and see if we can hook-up and a brothery sis way.