Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1 Day, 3 Beaches!

Summers as a child my day was made if got to visit "a new beach".  As an adult I am driven still to find, "a new beach"!  Lord knows how I love the Island of Kauai for spending a day wandering from one beach cove to the next!
Sunday I did my childhood dream of three beaches in one day!
I started off the day with a glorious hour's swim at DE's Seashore Park, Tower Road.  Then I tried out the West Street Beach for a quick dip and to check out the beach break, which is much improved since 2008.
Then as the sun started to dip, I raced off to Cape Henlopen's State Park at The Point for "Bird Police Duty" and to take in the feeding birds at low-tide and the  sunset.
1 Day, 3 Beaches: makes me happy!

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