Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bonfire, Piping Plovers and Que Pasa! Typical!

Friday night was a fun Birthday Bonfire!  30 to 40 year olds, married with their first kid-lets and accompanying dogs.  Birthday Boy was surrounded by family and some single friends so a Yucca ( jug with water, sugar, vodka, lemon, limes) was passed round and round.
A father of two cute kids and a hot wife, decided to be Jack-Be-Nimble Jack-Be-Quick and he really did jump over the huge Fire Pit!!!!!  Nothing was scorched.  I squealed!  His wife and kids did not! 
Saturday I did Bird Police at Cape Henlopen State Park.  What a great session it was!  ~ 20 birders from a Baltimore club came to bird the spot and cross the Endangered Species Piping Plover off their Life List.  I was able to show them a chick..... and adults too. From their leader,  I learned much about Terns and Gulls.
I rushed back to the cottage for a quick snack and to spend the afternoon lounging and swimming on my beach.
Saturday evening I was off with friends to Que Pasa.
Que Pasa is wonderful because there ain't much there except a garage with glass doors! It is as if you docked with your boat and got out for drinks with chips and salsa.  We waited 30 minutes to get a table on "the Bay beach".  We talked past the sunset into the night.
The food is very curious and shows some invention.  As dinner, it is over priced...... as rental for the local real-estate ... worth every penny.   It is my favorite Sunday wind-down spot.
For not much more cash........ Rehoboth's Finn's buys you a cozy bar, with a fabulous beer menu, and the best fried ( lightly) oyster dinner I've had since????
Sunday it was back to Cape Henlopen State Park and more swimming!

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