Monday, June 15, 2009

Small Kitchen Stories: Sunday Nite Supper Composition

Sunday Night Suppers are always a challenge.  I'm hungry but do not want to make a nice big lovely meal with the involved cleanup..... my small galley kitchen does not have a dishwasher..... as well I do want to use up whatever is "leftover"........ less to cart back to my PA home!
I wanted seafood... but did not want to cook it!  I stopped by Rehoboth Seafood and bought a small chunk of Smoked Bluefish.
Onto the dinner plate it went next to, deviled eggs stuffed with crab meat, sliced radishes topped with scallions.
Then I steamed up and buttered a big handful of asparagus.  Onto the plate it went with a slice of toast.
Sesame Ginger Dressing drizzled on all :-)
Dessert: sliced strawberries with broken up biscotti drizzled with sweet liquor!


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