Monday, June 1, 2009

Red Knots are Sumi Wrestler FAT!

When I arrived at 8AM, "The Birds are Gone" was the somber Sunday Lamentation.  The Brit Bird Team were gone too! In their wake, they left: Single Malt Whiskey, PG Tips Tea, and a lone bottle of Marmite!  
Not too worry, May 2010, myself, the Red Knots and the Brits will return!
Despite the lonely house down from 20 occupants to 4, we did our Bird Duty.  
While a storm passed thru we did data entry, and I got a nice lesson on skinny vs fat Red Knots,...... then we readied for my last boat ride of the season at Milspillion Harbor for re-sighting.
First we did a quick-look-see to evaluate if  "any birds were left". Some were!  ~ 1,000 were still hanging we launched the boat.
   I was given a promotion and bragging rights from Osprey Beach ( aka Beach Pee-pee) to Back Beach!  I re-sighted my first Sanderlings!
This re-sighting I looked at Red Knot legs and bellies.  Indeed these were little fat pigs..... from their arrival weight of ~ 90 grams...... now nearing their Sumi-Wrestler- fighting-fit-weight of ~ 180 grams!
Fat Red Knots are now on their way to the Arctic!
Farewell Birds! Godspeed!

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