Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Urban Beach

The Dewey Beach of my youth was "The Wild-Wild West".  Homes snug against huge-huge sand dunes ....... which I wandered hours on end..... no signs of civilization until you arrived at Rehoboth.  To my childhood senses the boardwalk auction house signaled "chic"!
The dunes are gone, the 20-30's  have their wild drunken moments, but the reports of the Dagsworthy Street Memorial Weekend rape and last week's armed robbery make me sad beyond belief.
The Town of Dewey Beach Police Force annual budget is ~ One Million dollars!
Dewey Beach is Urban Beach. Not even 2 miles long, we are 17 bars and counting.
Of late, having spent so much time in the "wilderness" of Slaughter Beach and Cape Henlopen State Parks, "The Point"........ once back on my Urban Beach for an afternoon beach-time, I feel as if I am in New York City!
Ah, but I do love the edges of beach-meets-City.  Live music.  The fun bar life with a setting sun and dancing.  Fun and cool.
But, bring back my dunes, and my perfect beach with three sets of waves a-rolling in! The marshes where myself and my siblings crabbed in tiny row boats....... my marsh now a man- made Silver Lake with multi-million dollar homes. 
And nary a need for Dewey's One Million Dollar Police Force.

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