Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dewey Fridays

I was at my cottage less than 30 minutes when my friend called to say it was "Taco Toss Time".  I changed clothes from my prissy Summer cotton skirt into "Dewey Acceptable" and to Taco-Toss We-Go!
Happy crowd........ but the numbers were light after last week's Memorial Holiday.  My friend enjoyed the rumbly-thunder and lightening sky and crowd, but complained that he did not recognize anyone.  Could it be because we are getting older and they are getting younger!  Taco Toss is owned by the 20-30 year old crowd.
We sat in the Crabbers Cove...... finished drinks ....... then wound our way round the deck to Que Pasa.  Ah, now we are at the 30-60 year old crowd.  Hysterics all around when a tiny doll- sized black bull pranced 360 degrees around the bar! The chicks LOVED THIS!
After I munched on chips, salsa, and chicken quesadillas...... we were off across the street to Nalu's!
Ah, the crowd here is 30-50's, heavy on the 30's, and just having fun trying to imbibe way-too-big Luau-type drinks.  DJ was doing a good job....... but no one was on the dance floor.
Back at the cottage, we drank herbal tea...... .
I crashed as I had to awake for AM Bird Police Duty at Cape Henlopen State Park.

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