Monday, June 8, 2009

Small Kitchen Stories: Flounder with Spinach

After a Day of Piping Plover Police at Cape Henlopen State Park I was ready for dinner and sleep!  On the way home to Dewey Beach I stopped at Rehoboth Seafood...... which seems to get better every year..... I chose a lovely Flounder filet and a bread pudding of mango and peaches :-)
Dinner was ready in 10 minutes!  In a large saute pan throw in the olive oil....heat up and place the filet skin down.  Pour in some Vermuth.  Then shred a big handful or two of spinach, mince spring onions, chop a tomato, and place on the filet.  Let simmer 10 minutes or until the filet is opaque!
Dinner was delicious and the leftovers were perfect for my Sunday lunch.

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