Monday, May 11, 2009

Urgent and Timely! Stop the Rehoboth Beach Sewage Ocean Outfall

URGENT! Sewage in our beloved Ocean and Beach????
Surfrider Foundation Action Network: Stop the Rehoboth Beach Ocean Outfall

Should Rehoboth use an ocean outfall or Land Based Application (LBA) for waste water disposal?
The City of Rehoboth Beach Delaware has to make this decision and Surfrider enthusiastically supports LBA. LBA or spray irrigation is a universally accepted method for treating and reclaiming waste water into irrigation water for farmers, whereas an ocean outfall is a pipe leading out into the ocean which discharges treated effluent from a sewage treatment plant. Each year billions of gallons of fresh water are lost from effluent discharge into water bodies.

Please send this letter ( at link below) telling the City of Rehoboth that you support Land Based Application of waste water, not an ocean outfall.

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