Monday, May 4, 2009

Cottage Opens. Fridge DOA!

  The beachy-cottage opening was challenging.  My heart always pumps fast as I pull up to the the door.....and look around.
  Oddly, ten days ago I heard a whisper in my ear: Fridge is dead. Indeed it was nearly so.  It made burbling noises and hardly a whisper of a hopeful cool breeze.
  I called Millman's the local appliance store....... they are wonderful.  In just a few minuted they located the one I needed.
  But how in the heck to get the old one out and the new one in?  The fridge width is 24 inches and the opening to the kitchen galley is 23 inches!!!!!!
  Now I needed a kitchen cabinetry tradesman/contractor to take out a cabinet to make space and coordinate the removal of the old and the arrival of the new.
  Thankfully I had picked up a Coastal Press paper.  I picked out an ad..... made the call and put on my best damsel in distress vibe.
  Success followed.  Everything coordinated and arranged........ but I'll be without a fridge for another week!
  The kindness of Millman's and my contractor made my weekend.
  Sussex County natives are the best and warm my heart.  The women are warm-hearted and kind and the men are gentlemen.
  Hanging out at Jazz Fest helped too!

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