Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Small Kitchen Stories: Desperate for Dinner

Once home after my amazing but grueling 8.5 hours doing Migratory Bird Duty....... a two hour round trip walk-in-and-out-slog into Osprey Beach........ much more fun to boat-in .....not having had enough water with me for the adventure........... upon arrival at my cottage I was beyond desperate for lunch and dinner!
My little grill-press to the rescue!  Dinner prep to table was 10 minutes!
On the plate, cover it with garden leaf lettuce. Cut up a nice tomato and scallions....... place on the lettuce.
Heat up the grill with some olive oil.  Cut up in bite size pieces: a small eye of round steak and then throw on the grill.  Place on top the press.  Stir after 2 minutes.  Replace the press.  
After a total of 5 minutes the steak is done.  Turn off the heat and drizzle on a fun salad dressing.  I used a Balsamic Honey Fig....... and let it sizzle and glaze the meat.
Place on the plate next to the tomato and scallions.
Ta-DA!  DINNER!!!!!
Saved me it did!
Then I showered and went out for a Rehoboth party!!!! 

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