Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Piping Plover Watch!

Delaware's Fish & Wildlife, Matt Bailey, at Cape Henlopen's Biden Center, on Saturday May 9th,  hosted the Volunteers Piping Plover Training.  
 We were about 50 strong and totally at rapt attention despite the distractions of yummy treats and the arrival after ~ 14 days of rain.... ta-da.. sunny weather.
Pictures of Piping Plover chicks are all fuzzy-wuzzy and too-cute-as-can-be and thus sealed the deal for our commitment as "Monitors".  We will watch the restricted breeding areas for human and other disturbances.
After the training we headed to CHSP's "The Point", for on the job training!  Maybe that was a Piping Plover fly-by, but to me it looked like white fluff!
My Monitor gig will be at "The Point" to take in sunset........or maybe the same at Gordon's Pond Tower.

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