Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Conquest Beach Outing

I must have my daily beach walk!  Beach-combing calls me!
Since last Summer, I am now a "Birder"!  Newbie- Birder!  Birds call me!
Conquest Beach was the destination....... just a few miles past Dewey Beach.  Despite the bleary rainy weather...... a nice time!
It was half-way between low and high tide....... I found 3-4 groups of 15-20 each of Sanderlings in their pre-breeding plumage, obsessively feeding.
A Laughing Gull dove and came up with a beautiful blue crab.  Sushi time!
Two sets of Willets did their serene-watch-the-ocean-thing.
One Osprey flew about the dunes picking up and letting go nest material.
A lovely conch was my beach combing cache of the day.
If I had not counted the dune-fence openings....... I would not have found my way back to my vehicle.  There were no "markers" to show me how far I walked and the same on the return!

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