Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fowler Beach

Finally, I found the time and opportunity to do a look-see at Fowler Beach.  It is on the North side of Prime Hook Reserve
I do not think I found my way there by the shortest route....... but found it I did.
The beach is backed by the marsh so the birding opportunities are good drawing the birds for the marsh, shore and ocean birds.
I loved seeing the so-prime-evil-looking Cormorants...... and that was the biggest Great Blue Heron I have ever seen!
Of course, I was looking for more Piping Plovers, but none sighted.
Visit this beach early in the season..... before the mosquitos get going!
I'm going to return soon for a long bay walk.
There are no views of civilization at Fowler Beach!  For that alone it is worth the visit.

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