Monday, June 28, 2010

Greenhead Flies: Frantic

Sunday morning when I arrived at Cape Henlopen State Park for "Bird Police", the temperature was already very humid, near 90 and climbing. My first stop is at the dorm to pickup my borrowed scope where I ran into Karli and Adam, the Beach Nester seasonal team. I promised them both that a 4 hour gig was all my body would allow.
Once in place at The Point the Greenhead Fly attack started. Despite slathering myself in bug repellent I was a yummy-to-a fly attraction. Bloody-bites dripped down my ankles.
Hanging out in the water helped but then I'd have to re-apply the useless bug spray.
I felt like a horse frantic for relief.
Finally I applied my horse-blanket....... a beloved swath of cotton homespun cloth brought back from India, circa ~1970's! I wound myself into it tight as can be, sat in my beach chair and wound the beach blanket around my ankles and feet.
But only until I had to get up, put things away, and charge up the dune-pass to my vehicle.
Local lore says: if the West Wind Blows...... stay away from the Bay and the flies!
West Winds: see me at the Midway for a movie!
Believe it.

Beach Blessings,

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