Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bayside: the Other Half of the story

Myself and the ocean: there is no separating the two. Yet, I am now discovering my "other half": The Bay!
Summer 2009 I did time at Cape Henlopen State Park, Bayside at The Point and explored : Slaughter Beach to Prime Hook. This Summer I am continuing the trend.
Bayside is contemplative gracing the eye with an ever changing rising or falling tide shoreline. A walk yields whelks, snails, and the oddest mollusk finds.
My newest find is Breckenbridge Beach, ~ 20 minutes North of Slaughter Beach. The long sandy and reedy beach, but not boggy, is very quiet and yielded up swimming turtles, Red Knots, American Oyster Catchers, and the seasonal mix of shorebirds.
Behind the beach the marsh is rife with Rails and Red Wing Blackbird calls.
Just now I "Googled" for this location and it came up empty handed! Is this a "Secret Beach" known only to locals?

Beach Blessings,

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