Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dogs Rule at Dewey Beach but not at Cape Henlopen State Park

Dogs and Dewey Beach is a match made in " Until Death-Dewey Part in Heaven" but not at Cape Henlopen State Park.
Dewey Beach dogs know the lifeguard warning and final whistle and many then just walk themselves up the street to the beach to meet up with their owner!
Cape Henlopen State Park (CHSP) is not a dog destination.
Only the paved trails that parallel the paved roads, and the "Ocean Surf Fishing Beach" are allowed for leashed dogs. Nowhere are unleashed dogs allowed.
A doggie- day at CHSP destination thus is only the above and no dog should suffer time in a locked hot car while the owner plays elsewhere.
If your dog ducks into the Federally Protected Bird Preserve, "The Point" and a Park Watch Volunteer informs you that your dog is not allowed, and if a Federally Protected Endangered Species bird is killed earning you a $25,000 fine: follow the advice and leave the restricted area.
If you and your doggie want a fun time: Dewey Beach is the best choice.
Labra -Doodle play time groups and "Grey Hounds Reach The Beach " events are where the action is; later you can hang out at a cafe with a beer in hand while doggie slurps your icecream.

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