Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring Migration Hawk Watch

How is it that I do "Migration" backwards? 
In Fall I migrate North back to PA and in Spring I migrate South, returning to Delaware!
In fact, I reside the plutonian deep Winter months on a mountain-top only to return to sea-level in Spring, with Summer on my Birkenstock "Persephone"  heels. 
No wonder that I identify with the Raptors and attend their Spring and Fall Migrations!
I arrived at Cape Henlopen's Spring Hawk Watch with The Best Weather and Number Count of the Season's Watch!  Ah, a result of my Persephone credentials!
We had a total Merlin Festival with numbers ~ 80 for the day.  We also tallied 50 plus: Coopers, Sharpies, and Kestrels.
After the watch I could not resist to check out the Bayside at low tide!  Turkey Vultures happily picked at dead and dying Horseshoe Crabs.  Brants were looking for underwater eel grass eats.
Then I heard, over and over: "Day At Da Beach"!!!  I turned toward the excited calls to find not more than 10 feet in front of me a pair of American Oystercatchers! 
They were so excited, and obviously out on the town, on an important date.  One of the pair scored a juicy something-mollusk and continued their foraging.

Beach Blessings,

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