Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Small Kitchen Stories: Ta-Ta's for Tautogs

Arriving into town, I want to have a lovely dinner and that often means fresh fish. At Rehoboth Seafood Market I looked over the options...... I wanted local and affordable.
I scanned the ice case and saw, "Tautog" which looked shimmery-pink and firm, and it was cheap! I asked for one fillet.
Tautog! It is not a gorgeous name. Sounds like a fish version of a tug boat! Curious to see a picture, I discovered that this fish is the opposite of pretty.
Immediately I had to find for the fish a new name: Ta-Ta Fish!
Ha, with a "Save the Ta-Ta Fish" advertisement campaign the sales would soar and so would the price!
The Ta-Ta fish is firm and sweet. Ha!

Save The Ta-Ta's Tautog Simmer Pan

Ta-Ta Tautog, 1 fillet
Tomato, chopped
Scallions, chopped
Small Zucchini, chopped
Mushrooms, chopped
Olive Oil

In a big flat skillet, add in the olive oil and heat up. Add in all the vegetables except the tomatoes and saute until nicely colored. Lay in the fillet, skin-side down. Add in the chopped tomatoes and Dill-weed. Add in a nice pour of Vermouth. Cover. Simmer for 5 minutes on one side and then turn the fillet over for 5 more minutes.
Serve with a huge slice of toasted Sourdough bread.

or should I say?

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