Monday, May 17, 2010

Red Knot Anxiety

I'm the Sunday Red Knot-Shore Bird project Volunteer. At the early AM meeting we filled out numerous volunteer sheets choosing the specific designation box : True Volunteer.
Volunteer-us Vera, my species name.
This is my second "migration" participating in the project, thus now I am getting familiar with the daily pace and goals.
The goal is : find a Red Knot, find a Red Knot, find a Red Knot.
The Red Knots are streaming into the DE Bay. The daily numbers are going parabolic but we are waiting, waiting, waiting for The BIG Day of Arrival! The arrival is en masse. 75% of the world's population shows up for the party.
The 20 or so Brits crossed The Pond for the party braving Icelandic Volcano Ash Plumes and endless flight hours, bringing with them their scopes and tripods, supplies of PG Tips Tea, Marmite, and bottles of whiskey.
Yet, as the morning meeting dispersed into our assignments I felt the tension. A happy tension. Anxiety. Happy Anxiety. Red Knot Anxiety!
I realized that I was anxious too!
When do they arrive? Where will they feed? Will the birds cooperate in feeding where they can be netted and banded?
Red Knots please read my email and know that the Horse Shoe Crabs are in abundance and so is the food.
Please arrive soonest!

Beach Blessings,


  1. Yes Rachel. Is a happy anxiety. Good job . XOXO. Betty

  2. Rachel.
    Dear, this is the route of migration of the birds. Where point you are?
    XOXo. Betty