Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Friday Nite! "Scraps" for a new Routine!

Who does not know that Friday night is "Taco Toss" at "The Lighthouse"? Is it even possible to try a new routine?
Try this! Make your way around the Lighthouse deck to say hello to your buds...... then hang at "Que Pasa". The age group here is beyond the Taco Toss's mainstay of the 20- to 30 year group.
Then off to "Scraps" you go, sit out on the deck, and try the new Chef's menu of Thai offerings. Made to my exact "heat requirement", I adored the Pad Thai!
After dinner....... From the deck look up to the "Two Seas" to see if their top deck is in action. If so, you are in luck as it is usually only reserved for group functions and special events.
Walk in..... and sweetly request to hang at the deck bar as most likely you will be "crashing" the already in-progress event.
There is seating to the right of the bar where you will not be interfering with the event. The step down to this area is hardly noticeable...... so if you are looped expect a crash landing.
Enjoy the breeze and the view of the ocean and the bay!
Walk home happy!

Beach Blessings,

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