Monday, June 21, 2010

North Beach "Re-Brands"

Although we planned having Pad Thai at Scraps we ended up for dinner at North Beach. I've avoided North Beach two seasons running as the crowd was inclined towards the behavior that brings in the police.
North Beach has never been about the food. I've now lived thru at least three menu variations on fried, fried some-more and more-over fried.
North Beach is about being with your group, listening to the live music, and watching the sunset while you eat on the sandy beach.
The latest re-branded version might redeem itself. Two semi-circular bars now hold court in the main area....... I'm certain the intention is to break up a "bad crowd".
So it took forever for dinner to be served..... the fried fish sandwich was yummy and made up for the cold stack of sweet potato fries. Next time I'll order the green beans!
Ok, North Beach see you July 4th weekend for the dance party!

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