Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Hour Dueling

How I love having dueling Happy Hour invites. Which one won?
I love a Happy Hour where I can attend "right off the beach" in beach togs and flip flops. I did clean up .... coverup, jewelry, lipstick, flip flops..... but I was still sandy behind the ears. The chosen Happy Hour was hosted at a home....... not a bar. Margaritas, munchee food, and friends I had not seen since Summer 2009 drew me in.
The competing Happy Hour was at a bar..... a venue that is more for a "big dinner date" than a Happy Hour. I would have had to have showered and "dressed-up". It was not going to happen.
My Happy Hour then segued into drinks at a friends ocean block home which then revived into a party when the original Happy Hour attendees "dropped-in"! Six hours later I returned to my tiny cottage.

ILDB: I Love Dewey Beach!

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