Monday, June 21, 2010

We Are Family! Piping Plovers!

The anticipation was big! Promised from Summer 2009, we all awaited our "Piping Plover Watch" Tee-shirts!!! What would it look like? How would we feel with "VOLUNTEER" emblazoned on our backs? Would the public care???? Would it make our job easier??? And more importantly would my extra large size allow my cute beach skirt to poke thru???
We tried on and purchased the shirts right in the Cape Henlopen State Park, The Point parking lot. I modeled and twirled on the runway.
I threatened to write on the front: BIRD POLICE.
As that is what we do.
There we all were now all looking alike in our sandy colored shirt: Piping Plover's Human Family!
After my five hour gig off I went to celebrate, show-off and cool-off at Lewes' King's Ice Cream for a Lemon Ice.

Beach Blessings,

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