Monday, July 12, 2010

Running of the Bull, It's Raining Men and Champagne!

A rainy day for The Starboard's The Running of the Bull: PERFECTION!
And what else was there to do? Attend the Town of Dewey Beach Council Meeting?! I have my priorities!
2010 Running of the Bull drew at least 2,000 revelers and at least 70% were wet to the bone with the rain and drink.
Who knew the event would be "Mandatory Wet Tee-Shirt Contest"!?! The men did and they vastly outnumbered the fairer sex.
I was happy in my bathing suit, my big floppy hat, and under the canopy hanging with the audio-visual guys.
The canopy offered a wonderful carnival effect as every 5 minutes a looped-fool got a torrent of rain-water-bath cascading from the staked edge.
Although Budweiser Beer kindly sponsored the event, "The Bull's Drink of Choice" was J. Roget's Champagne Magnums! Looped-ones explained for the $$ it was more cost effective than more than a handful of beers and it saved time approaching the bar. Ok, so it is a big bottle to carry around. But it was put to great use for, "Spin the Bottle" games!
We all cried for the Star Spangled Banner and then off we went on our Bull & The Beach run!
My favorite moment: when The Bull arrives ( he had a very late night and showed up very late too) to the tune of Wooly Bully!


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