Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Po' Boys Restaurant and The Milton Theater's "BISS"

Sometimes you just gotta get out of Dewey Beach, stretch those juvenile wings, migrate out and find new flocks of fun.
We were after a night in Milton for dinner and to attend the "Best in Summer Shorts" film fest.
I was so dubious when my friend suggested, "Po'Boys", whose signage does not even include the words "Restaurant" and is located on a tiny strip next to a "dollar store".
As we entered, I wanted to see white tablecloths..... or newspaper covered..... but then I noticed the crazy happy "Mardi Gras" artwork, very cool patrons, and the warm greeting of the owner who looked tired but relaxed and happy.
My nose picked up wonderful smells..... the chalkboard promised local produce and seafood with a twist of elegant N'awlins.
One bite of the blackened scallops with the flash fried spinach made me declare the restaurant as my "New Favorite"!
Then off to Milton we went...... but first I wanted to see Dogfish Head Brewery's new lawn sculpture installation. Cray love at first sight: direct from Burning Man it is the tree-house of my childhood dreams! The juxtaposition of the "tree-house" limbs against the brewery distillation vats is art/craft/art/craft.
The crazy fun continued for the independent artist short films. Although the numbers attending was under ~ 50, the atmosphere was pure "collegial". I was back in college in my favorite film class.
The category that made me laugh until I cried was for the category of 13 to 16 years, a comedy, "The Milton Ferret". It was every and all the classic cartoon bits come to life played out by the human film makers.
Would you believe after the film evening the Milton Theater asked patrons to stay-in for Burton's Alice in Wonderland?!
I skipped the above...... it was time to drive home to Dewey Beach.

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