Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sarong Time!

Sarong Time! When the Sarong is put into my beach bag, my Swimming Season begins!
I learned the Ways of The Sarong many lifetimes ago in Hawaii, and then in Fiji.
Mine is a ~ 3 yard swath of India Homespun cotton, nearly neon orange and green stripes, circa 1976! It is slightly faded but otherwise in perfect condition despite three decades of hard labor!
My Sarong goes from a beach coverup, and sometimes serves as an emergency umbrella atop my floppy hat, and then becomes my "towel" wrapping me up before and after my outdoor shower.
So this is how it works:
Keep the Sarong in your beach bag. Then once back at home base, hang it on your outdoor shower hook. Take your outdoor shower, then cover up with the Sarong. Inside the house you go do whatever until you finish getting dressed!
Remember to dry out the wet Sarong on your clothesline! Replace into your beach bag!
Towels be gone.
Sarongs Rule!

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