Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stango Park Concerts & Dewey Beach-ness

Lewes crams more parks into it's small town than possible, then gilds them with Music In the Parks series!
I attended the Navy Jazz Band's, The Commodores at Stango Park. Find it on Savannah Road, located behind the library. If you attend just bring a lawn chair and maybe some bug spray too.
This band played for a happy contented crowd which did respond with appropriate clapping. I was bopping in my seat; I was that surprised by such elegant interpretations. Actually; perfectly mastered and presented. I thought I heard a young Ella Fitzgerald in the young beautiful vocalist!
The sound quality was masterfully produced for the setting, nicely aided by the library as a music shell. I could not remember the last time I attended a music-in-the-park concert, and I was happy as can be. So I was getting a little excited!
At the end I so much wanted an "Encore"...... and so I started the chant "One MORE SONG!!!!"
Indeed the announcer heard me...... and truly there was an encore coming anyway...... but in that moment my Dewey Beach-ness came out for the fun!
I could have yelled an appropriate,"Encore"!
You can take the Girl Out of Dewy Beach.... but you can't take Dewey Beach out of The Girl!


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