Monday, March 8, 2010

What Would Venus Wear 2010?!

I can hardly believe my luck!  Success spells my various shopping expeditions for "What Would Venus Wear at Dewey Beach 2010!
Maybe each season I am getting better at finding what I need?
I invoked Venus and her sensibilities.  Beautiful, lovely, natural but glammy, comfortable, useful, feminine, arty and fun too!
Cotton field-pants for various bird sighting projects: found it at Kohl's!
Nightgowns that can span the season of May to October, can substitute-in for a beach cover up, and is modest enough to dash out the house to set the garbage at the curb: found it at Kohl's!
Fun, flirty going-out-skirts.... that can be dressed up or down... must be cotton, and flowy-comfy: found it at J. Crew!
Bathing suits, two-piece with pull-on mini-skirts with a zip-pocket for the cell phone: found it at LL Bean Outlet!
I'm ready, Dewey Beach 2010!!!

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