Thursday, March 25, 2010

Small Kitchen Stories: Egg Salad with Tarmosalata

I'm already contemplating my noon-time sandwich meal taken bay-side at Cape Henlopen State Park during my "Bird Police" duty.
Last Summer I did the same sandwiches over and over..... so time to come up with some new ideas! 
I often start with a peak at "The Joy of Cooking"..... and go from there.

Egg Salad with Taramosalata

Hard-boiled eggs, 4
Mayonnaise: I favor Hellmans: big dollop
Tarmosalata: small dollop: Krinos brand favored, this is a Greek Spread based on Carp Roe Caviar.
Scallions-3, minced
Mustard: I like Grey Poupon, Dijon: to taste
Worcestershire Sauce: Lea and Perrins, for Chicken: to taste
Dried Herbs: Tarragon, Chives, Dillweed, Celery Seed: to taste

In a small bowl using a fork mash up the hard boiled eggs.   Add in the minced scallions, the bigger dollop of the mayo and a smaller dollop of the Tarmosalata.  Add in the remainder of the ingredients "to taste".  The Celery Seed is "key".... so do not leave this one out!
This is simply gorgeous on a sweet and eggy, raisin-studded "Pashka" bread.

Ta DA!

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