Sunday, March 21, 2010

2010 State Park Pass! Sign of Spring!

A certain sign of Spring and getting prepared for Beach Season is scraping off the old annual Delaware State Park Pass and putting on the new.
After five years, I now have the removal technique down-pat.
Soak the sticker with Citronella.
Go have lunch.  Have fruit and cheese for dessert.
Return to the vehicle with a small Italian-made cheese spreader knife.
Wipe the sticker with more Citronella until all ink is gone. :-)
Now use the spreader knife to scrape off the adhering clear film.
Wipe clean with more Citronella and then Windex.
    This year my DE State Park Pass is a DNREC and Cape Henlopen Volunteer "reward".
Every year when I went to buy my pass........ I admit to being annoyed to pay the "out of state fee" even though I own DE property!  The fees are based on your license plate place of registration.
I am so psyched by this show of gratitude amidst the economic stresses of "this economy".
Thank you, Delaware!!!!

Beach Blessings,

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