Friday, March 19, 2010

New Cell for the Beach! Mermaid Approved!

Venus has a new cell phone! Mermaid approved for beach use!
Every two years I purchase my new cell phone.  The key is matching the cell phone to my lifestyle. Until now, no cell phone happily tolerated wet and salty handling, sweaty ear to the receiver, sand finding it's way into every crevice, or being abandoned to the vehicle's extreme temperatures.
At the Verizon store, I explained in detail my need for a cell to handle the above.  I held my breath while I waited for my "dream-cell wish come true" and there it was: Motorola's Barrage!
It is 100% sealed and handles all detailed above including a 30 minute watery one-meter plunge!
Although the cell has rugged good looks and handling....... Venus asked for the cell in hot pink, shiny fire-engine red, or vibrating purple? Screaming neon yellow?
Only black is available.
Venus will be on the beach talking away on her cell and then will happily zip it in her soaking wet and sandy beach skirt pocket.


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