Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Venus Finds her Beach Sandals. Again!

Can a beach sandal change your life?
Purchased from a catalog, ~ 20 years ago, the Sensi Italian-made beach thong-sandal came into my life with promises of travel to distant ocean shores.
The sandal's foot-bed of tiny holes self-drains the sand and water.  Your foot lies flat and secure instead of doing a roller-coaster ride on the mobile sandy layer.
When walking at the waters' edge the foot-bed drains and is not swamped as would be a solid base.  On Summer's hottest days the scorching sand falls away from hot and tender feet.
My ancient hot-pink sandal was so beloved that when I started my "Dewey Beach Life", I only used her as a house slipper.  I knew she was near, "The End".  Last September my Sensi Sandal died.  
Elle est Morte, "I cried".
It was not until the last yard snow patch melted that I bolted to the attention and task of replacement.
Hallelujah!  I found the Sensi website and called!
Imagine my joy that Sensi is alive and well at the spa and resort markets and my favorite style, Monte Carlo, lives on!
To my extreme delight the web-special sale offers this model as three pair for $36.00!  I bought the three!
One pair will live at the beach cottage and the second pair will do extreme labor residing in my vehicle for shoe changes, and impromptu beach walks.   The third pair will reside at my mountain home and will do duty when watering the garden. 
I really did contemplate using only one pair at a time until all pairs wear out. 
 20 years x 3 pairs would suffice............ until I am buried at sea.

Beach Blessings,

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