Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Outdoor Summertime Showers!

As soon as the weather permits I use my outdoor shower!   My friends tease me endlessly about this as if such a thing is only for little sand crabs and not adults.
In Hawaii and Fiji I learned about sarongs and showering. 
I love coming off the beach wrapped in my cotton sarong which then becomes my bath towel and then goes back to being my cover-up.
Growing up Summers at Dewey and Bethany Beach the daily outdoor shower was the rule.  I now wonder if our rented cottages had an indoor shower as many did not.  I remember the bathrooms sinks and toilets...... but no memory of the indoor shower.
Almost always the shower-head had seen better days, the soap-holder was rusted thru, and wayward grasses and slugs poked up thru the wood plank platform.  The door always covered with creeping moss never seemed to close shut or secure, and oddly the shower stall did not provide enough coverage for my tall family.
The outdoor shower had a smell of it's own that I did not like.  But oh, how I loved  the shampoo and soap smells wafting into the evening's ocean breeze.
Today I shopped for the needed shampoo which I lazily use to wash my face, and as a body wash too.  I wondered if I could find such a product meant for just that!
I searched in the children's section and low and behold I found Sauve's all-in-one shampoo-conditioner-bodywash offered in "Wacky Melon" and "Green Apple Toss".  The Green Apple won.

Beach Blessings,

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