Monday, June 29, 2009

Dewey Beach Musing and Parties.

Friday evening as I walked the beach, I passed the Lifeguard Station with the flag at half-mast.  I surely wanted to think it was spontaneously lowered by the life guards in prayer for Michael Jackson.  That would be so very Dewey Beach!  How many DJ-decades of  MJ Happy Hours has Dewey enjoyed?  I know of one DJ that always uses MJ for his "break-song".
As well, DE's Senator Thurman Adams recently passed.  Thus I think the flag was lowered for him.  But heck, it is for MJ too!!!
Saturday is party night.  This party I enjoyed as the guest list was a combo of Summer House Regulars, week-enders, and locals.  That is the best mix.  The beer flowed and the food was "Manly-Stuff" of various hunking-hulks of roasted meat!  After the party I crawled back to my shack via: Nalus, Que Pasa, The Lighthouse, and then home :-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Small Kitchen Stories: Sunday Nite Mahi-mahi!

This Sunday Supper I wanted perfectly grilled fish!  Until now I've never had this opportunity as I do not have an indoor or outdoor grill. Pannini Grill to the rescue!
Dinner in 8 minutes flat!
Heat the Panini Grill with a little bit of olive oil.  Throw on the Mahi-mahi and cover with the press.
Wait just a few minutes and throw on a big handful of asparagus.
Cover again with the press.
Remember to turn over the fish, after 4 minutes.
Drizzle on a special salad dressing the last 4 minutes.  I used an Orange-Sesame Dressing. 
This was the most perfect Mahi-mahi I've ever made. Done to perfection, to the very second!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 20th, Happy Hour, 5PM-7PM, at The Starboard, for Int'l Surfing Day & ILDB!!

Happy Hour, 5PM-7PM, at The Starboard, for Int'l Surfing Day & ILDB!!

Join us for Happy Hour, 5PM-7PM, at The Starboard, for beer specials and wings!

ILDB and The Starboard celebrates The Surfrider Assoc. International Surfing Day!

This event is June 20th 9AM-2PM at Delaware Seashore Park, Tower Road, ~ 2 miles South of Dewey Beach. Day of Surf Clinic, Beach Clean-Up, Fun and Food!

Happy Hour at The Starboard afterwards 5-7PM!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Small Kitchen Stories: Sunday Nite Supper Composition

Sunday Night Suppers are always a challenge.  I'm hungry but do not want to make a nice big lovely meal with the involved cleanup..... my small galley kitchen does not have a dishwasher..... as well I do want to use up whatever is "leftover"........ less to cart back to my PA home!
I wanted seafood... but did not want to cook it!  I stopped by Rehoboth Seafood and bought a small chunk of Smoked Bluefish.
Onto the dinner plate it went next to, deviled eggs stuffed with crab meat, sliced radishes topped with scallions.
Then I steamed up and buttered a big handful of asparagus.  Onto the plate it went with a slice of toast.
Sesame Ginger Dressing drizzled on all :-)
Dessert: sliced strawberries with broken up biscotti drizzled with sweet liquor!


Bird Police! Or How I scored $1,000.00 for Delaware!

I'm The Bird Police!  Someone has to do it!
        So there I sat with my floppy hat, in my LL Bean beach chair, with my Nikon Bino's spying on a fishing boat that pulled onto Cape Henlopen State Park's, The Point.  Out of the boat poured the 3 male adults and one bouncy doggie into the restricted and flagged mud flat and dune area.  The dog went crazy scaring off all the birds: Osprey, Laughing Gulls and their Allies, Forster Terns, American Oystercatchers, Sanderlings, and the endangered Least Tern and Piping Plovers.
Luckily it was high tide.  If it had been low tide...... the damage done to the mud-flats and foraging birds would have been horrific.
The DNREC Ranger hiked carefully into The Point, ~ 2 miles walk, avoiding the nesting areas, and finally "got" and ticked the trespassers.  I estimate it was ~ $300 fine per person, dog and boat! 
  So proud to make some cash for the good State of Delaware.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Urban Beach

The Dewey Beach of my youth was "The Wild-Wild West".  Homes snug against huge-huge sand dunes ....... which I wandered hours on end..... no signs of civilization until you arrived at Rehoboth.  To my childhood senses the boardwalk auction house signaled "chic"!
The dunes are gone, the 20-30's  have their wild drunken moments, but the reports of the Dagsworthy Street Memorial Weekend rape and last week's armed robbery make me sad beyond belief.
The Town of Dewey Beach Police Force annual budget is ~ One Million dollars!
Dewey Beach is Urban Beach. Not even 2 miles long, we are 17 bars and counting.
Of late, having spent so much time in the "wilderness" of Slaughter Beach and Cape Henlopen State Parks, "The Point"........ once back on my Urban Beach for an afternoon beach-time, I feel as if I am in New York City!
Ah, but I do love the edges of beach-meets-City.  Live music.  The fun bar life with a setting sun and dancing.  Fun and cool.
But, bring back my dunes, and my perfect beach with three sets of waves a-rolling in! The marshes where myself and my siblings crabbed in tiny row boats....... my marsh now a man- made Silver Lake with multi-million dollar homes. 
And nary a need for Dewey's One Million Dollar Police Force.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Small Kitchen Stories: Flounder with Spinach

After a Day of Piping Plover Police at Cape Henlopen State Park I was ready for dinner and sleep!  On the way home to Dewey Beach I stopped at Rehoboth Seafood...... which seems to get better every year..... I chose a lovely Flounder filet and a bread pudding of mango and peaches :-)
Dinner was ready in 10 minutes!  In a large saute pan throw in the olive oil....heat up and place the filet skin down.  Pour in some Vermuth.  Then shred a big handful or two of spinach, mince spring onions, chop a tomato, and place on the filet.  Let simmer 10 minutes or until the filet is opaque!
Dinner was delicious and the leftovers were perfect for my Sunday lunch.

Post Migration Red Knot Blues!

Red Knots!  Ruddy Turnstones too!  I miss you!  I had no idea I would miss you so much..... all 10, 000's of you....every one!!!

Your Osprey Beach Novice Re-sighter!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dewey Fridays

I was at my cottage less than 30 minutes when my friend called to say it was "Taco Toss Time".  I changed clothes from my prissy Summer cotton skirt into "Dewey Acceptable" and to Taco-Toss We-Go!
Happy crowd........ but the numbers were light after last week's Memorial Holiday.  My friend enjoyed the rumbly-thunder and lightening sky and crowd, but complained that he did not recognize anyone.  Could it be because we are getting older and they are getting younger!  Taco Toss is owned by the 20-30 year old crowd.
We sat in the Crabbers Cove...... finished drinks ....... then wound our way round the deck to Que Pasa.  Ah, now we are at the 30-60 year old crowd.  Hysterics all around when a tiny doll- sized black bull pranced 360 degrees around the bar! The chicks LOVED THIS!
After I munched on chips, salsa, and chicken quesadillas...... we were off across the street to Nalu's!
Ah, the crowd here is 30-50's, heavy on the 30's, and just having fun trying to imbibe way-too-big Luau-type drinks.  DJ was doing a good job....... but no one was on the dance floor.
Back at the cottage, we drank herbal tea...... .
I crashed as I had to awake for AM Bird Police Duty at Cape Henlopen State Park.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Red Knots are Sumi Wrestler FAT!

When I arrived at 8AM, "The Birds are Gone" was the somber Sunday Lamentation.  The Brit Bird Team were gone too! In their wake, they left: Single Malt Whiskey, PG Tips Tea, and a lone bottle of Marmite!  
Not too worry, May 2010, myself, the Red Knots and the Brits will return!
Despite the lonely house down from 20 occupants to 4, we did our Bird Duty.  
While a storm passed thru we did data entry, and I got a nice lesson on skinny vs fat Red Knots,...... then we readied for my last boat ride of the season at Milspillion Harbor for re-sighting.
First we did a quick-look-see to evaluate if  "any birds were left". Some were!  ~ 1,000 were still hanging we launched the boat.
   I was given a promotion and bragging rights from Osprey Beach ( aka Beach Pee-pee) to Back Beach!  I re-sighted my first Sanderlings!
This re-sighting I looked at Red Knot legs and bellies.  Indeed these were little fat pigs..... from their arrival weight of ~ 90 grams...... now nearing their Sumi-Wrestler- fighting-fit-weight of ~ 180 grams!
Fat Red Knots are now on their way to the Arctic!
Farewell Birds! Godspeed!