Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Starboard: I get it, I got Religion!

Who does not love Monty and "Toastie" of The Starboard? A more generous business you can not find!  They freely donate to the Town of Dewey Beach for funds to charity, events, lifeguards, and the police force.
What is not to love about Sunday nights with Jimi Smooth or wild-crazy-silly events, such as my personal favorite, The Running of The Bull!!!!  Halloween at The Starboard is beyond hilarious!
Until this past weekend, I will admit that I "did not get it".  I did not UNDERSTAND The Starboard's appeal.  As in stand in a line for 30 minutes to get in? FOR WHAT????
My sensual nature requires a bar with lots of tactile and sensual expression.  I adore the Rehoboth's Finn's for it's sweetly cozy warm woods and copper topped bar.  The bar's sweet and salty oyster display, 6 varieties offered, makes it's way to my nose along with wafts of some fine ales.   The Starboard has none of this. 
Nor does The Starboard benefit from a bay-view location!  In fact, once in the The Starboard.... almost no outside views are afforded.
Thus I always struggled to Understand The Starboard.
This past weekend...... I got The Starboard Religion.  I had the Classic Dewey Beach Staboard experience...... and now I understand it, and LOVE IT! 
 I Love Dewey Beach and The Starboard are now synonymous!  
Ha!  I dare anyone to say the above after they have closed down their evening there!
My Ah-HA-I GOT-IT-MOMENT was Sunday Night before Labor Day Monday.
~ 10:30 PM, I promised friends I'd meet up there.  Truly, I just wanted to go home and sleep, sleep, sleep.  I had had a fun day!
I arrived there near to 11PM.  I left at 1:15AM!!!!
How do you make your way in???  Sardine-Can-Style-al-la-Ricochet-Rabbit....!  After an hour standing with friends......... I finally found my group at the bar with real estate good enough to "slot me in".  I was pronounced " YOUR IN!".
 I am not known to drink.  5 sips of ale or 1 sip of vodka make me ill.  But I can do whiskey and bourbon ;-)  My Daddy taught me :-) Thanks, Dad!
My girlfriend insisted I have SOMETHING so I did shots of Maker's Mark.
Then I turned around...... and started watching..... really seeing The Starboard for the first time..... thru my Maker's Mark eyes.
There was not anything to be seen except people.  I finally got it.  The patrons are The Decor! The Patrons are IT!
I had a wonderful view of 20 something's women all in their Summer House coordianted cowboy hats, in white outfits, deep cleavages and bare midriffs.  
The Dewey Beach "Cowgirls'!  They held court.  They laughed and sang.  They ruled, like 1,000% totally and then some.  The guys did not have a chance.
Oh yeah, and I got a little drunken attention too ;-)
The Starboard RULES when it is the most packed.  That is when to stand in line for 30 minutes for your evening's fun.

Beach Blessings,


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