Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Famous Martini Party Outstanding and Astounding!

This year I kicked  it up a notch for my "Martini Party" outfit and am I ever glad I did!  I wore a Vera Wang cocktail dress ( purchased @ 90% off :-) with  a somewhat racer back - neckline, covered in big navy spangles!  Bright red Chanel Lipstick, black fishnet capris and jeweled- white-jade-hoop earrings finished the look.
My look matched the party....... this year it kicked up a notch too, heck a skyscraper height, and way over the Town of Dewey Beach code- legal 35 feet height!!!
It seemed everyone's outfit was so chic and "grown up"!  Everyone's behavior was too!
The Bartenders always do an outstanding job...... and the food is wonderful and generous....... but this year The Edie Sherman band played... in a tent.....  and everyone was on the dance floor! 
A tent graced with lights and lanterns was filled with standing decorated cocktail tables.
Uh-OH I thought: is this The Last HURRAH????  Was someone special terminally ill and this was the party of parties for us all????????
Or would someone announce: Quiet Please.  The darling couple will now take their wedding vows in the tent.  And it will only take 10 minutes and then you can get back to the kick-_ss partying!  
Classic Dewey Beach Party Grows UP!

Beach Blessings,

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  1. I would love to see a picture of the dress, Rachael! xo