Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Milton Theater, Gershwin, David Zipse, and Me

I can not tell you how excited I was to go see my first live performance at the Milton Theater!  This experience fits in totally into My Childhood Lives Again @ The Beach!
My Dewey Beach home is more a Summer Camp Cabin than a "house".  My endless volunteer hours spent at Cape Henlopen State Park ( CHSP) are more self-serving than selfless!  CHSP is Summer Camp to me! I'm just older ;-)
I spent many Summer Camps at Interlochen Center for the Arts.  A most memorable Summer was taking: "Chorus" doing Gershwin-Gershwin-Gershwin.   This music never left me.
I and my girlfriends were positively giddy waiting for the show to start.  We were singing and dancing in our seats and wondering if we could keep from singing out loud with the performers!
I agreed to go to the show as I figured it would be hard to screw up Gershwin's music.  I figured.... I could muse on my childhood memories and smile.
What I was not prepared for was the following: SUPERB PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!
David Zipse is a virtuoso pianist.  He played his heart out for 2.5 hours!
  I did have a hard time adjusting to the "digital" concert piano........ but once my ear got with it...... I was happy.
David Zipse's Gershwin Review is total fun.  Not quite campy, not quite museum retro... the performances stood on their own.  There was a costume change for every song!!!! 
Part of the fun was getting to know the patrons!  Very Arty group!  Very appreciative group too.  Rhapsody in Blue got a Standing OVATION!
And it did not hurt that alcohol is served at a bar and parking is easy and free!
David Zipse's website link is below

Beach Blessings,

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