Monday, September 28, 2009

Beer on the Beach: Town Party: This IS Dewey!

This is Dewey Beach!  This is THE REAL Dewey!  This is when having survived the Summer of Saddom and Gamorah, and the annual election: We Know All Is Right With the World.  
This is when we Drink Beer on The Beach LEGAL with the newly elected Mayor and Comissioners!
( As in; it is NOT legal Memorial Day thru to Labor Day).
I dare you to tell me about any other place on the planet where this happens.  Not happening anywhere else. Only in Dewey!
From 5 PM to 11 PM we celebrated by enjoying: Summer House Celebrity Beer and Roast Pig Dinner, ( good thing Yom Kippur was 24 hours ahead ), Taste of the Town, tented live music with Jimmi Smooth and the Hit Time ( I swear ~ 68 year old Jimmi looks 20 years younger than last year) and my favorite, a classic Bonfire.
Where else but Dewey Beach sets off a cannon shot to celebrate the new term of our newly elected, exceedingly cute and young Mayor, Father to 4 Genuine Dewey Beach Sand Crabs ages 8 to 1.5 years, with his children in one hand and beer in the other hand, the shot scaring half the public who was not yet drunk?
While the Dewey Elders' "Dessert Bunch" calmly sold their homemade and store-bought goodies in return for party donations....... certain party expenses having not been written into the Town's annual budget.
Long after the lit-neon-necklace children and dogs went home for beddy-bye, by tradition:
 The Summer House Lifers and myself stayed at the bonfire until the last beach umbrella and chair were removed. Celebratory cigar smoke whiffs signaled the last moments of a successful and happy production.

Beach Blessings,

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