Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Record Day at Hawk Watch!

Last Saturday at DE's Cape Henlopen State Park's ( aka CHSP) Hawk Watch was a record breaking day! 
When I arrived at 12:30 PM, after quite the hectic Coastal Cleanup ( future blog ), the count was already over 400 raptors!  By the end of the day on my watch the count was 1140!
What a show it was.  Our professional Forrest Rowland was in high form and loving the stage and Raptor Performance.  The birds were coming in high,  right over our heads, and from several directions.
We broke a record number day!  The last record was 1099.
We broke the number for Sharpies.
The most fun?!  We sighted a Swainson's Hawk, Juvenile, Dark Morph.
As the Swainson's Hawk came in...... us female spotters were sqealing " Looks like a TV but it is not a TV".  Hey, Forrest maybe you would like to take a look????" 
Forrest who was already spotting birds left and right..... swung around for a look.... then had to swing the scope around for the 100% ID. 
 When he announced the  Swainson's Hawk, Juvenile, Dark Morph: WE WERE JUBILIANT!!!!!     DANCING ON THE PLATFORM AND WHOOPS AND HOLLARING!!!!
ASAP: Forrest just had to cell and text his buddies the find!
Forrest claims the CHSP Hawk Watch to be: The Most Difficult on the Face of The Planet!  Yet, I'd say he is loving every second, every bird, every new record!!! 
Best of all was the volunteer and visitor companionship: we reveled in each other's good fortune and joy!
C'est Moi: in the Funky Hat!

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