Monday, June 28, 2010

Greenhead Flies: Frantic

Sunday morning when I arrived at Cape Henlopen State Park for "Bird Police", the temperature was already very humid, near 90 and climbing. My first stop is at the dorm to pickup my borrowed scope where I ran into Karli and Adam, the Beach Nester seasonal team. I promised them both that a 4 hour gig was all my body would allow.
Once in place at The Point the Greenhead Fly attack started. Despite slathering myself in bug repellent I was a yummy-to-a fly attraction. Bloody-bites dripped down my ankles.
Hanging out in the water helped but then I'd have to re-apply the useless bug spray.
I felt like a horse frantic for relief.
Finally I applied my horse-blanket....... a beloved swath of cotton homespun cloth brought back from India, circa ~1970's! I wound myself into it tight as can be, sat in my beach chair and wound the beach blanket around my ankles and feet.
But only until I had to get up, put things away, and charge up the dune-pass to my vehicle.
Local lore says: if the West Wind Blows...... stay away from the Bay and the flies!
West Winds: see me at the Midway for a movie!
Believe it.

Beach Blessings,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hands Across The Sand: Sat 26th, 11 AM, Dewey Beach!

An international protest coming to our little Dewey Beach this Saturday, June 26th at 11 AM?!!! But where will it be??? Maybe the Lifesaving Station?
It is called, "Hands Across The Sand"; an international group protest against off- shore oil drilling and promoting clean energy.
The idea is to hold hands forming a human-line, thus drawing a line in the sand as a visual protest........ but in Dewey Beach who is awake and dressed at 11 AM?
The protest would do better as a Starboard, 11 PM tipsy-conga line!
Ah, Hands Across America! What year was it? 1980's hyper-something...... the above brings back the memory of seeing the fleshy human chains on bridges as I drove from Wash DC to PA.
I can not wait to report back on this!

*I was at Cape Henlpen State Park and missed the action!

Monday, June 21, 2010

We Are Family! Piping Plovers!

The anticipation was big! Promised from Summer 2009, we all awaited our "Piping Plover Watch" Tee-shirts!!! What would it look like? How would we feel with "VOLUNTEER" emblazoned on our backs? Would the public care???? Would it make our job easier??? And more importantly would my extra large size allow my cute beach skirt to poke thru???
We tried on and purchased the shirts right in the Cape Henlopen State Park, The Point parking lot. I modeled and twirled on the runway.
I threatened to write on the front: BIRD POLICE.
As that is what we do.
There we all were now all looking alike in our sandy colored shirt: Piping Plover's Human Family!
After my five hour gig off I went to celebrate, show-off and cool-off at Lewes' King's Ice Cream for a Lemon Ice.

Beach Blessings,

Small Kitchen Stories: Instantly Thai!

I missed out on the Friday nite Pad Thai at Scraps...... and yearned for it all weekend.
Sunday Night it was time to make a dinner that would not heat up the kitchen and would use up the "left-overs".
I had steamed broccoli and a grilled veal steak. The heck with that: I wanted a Thai theme salad!

Instantly Thai Salad

Salad Stuff:
Steamed green veggy: I had broccoli!
Cooked Fish or Shrimp, Chicken or Beef: I had Veal!
Leftover bits of cheddar cheese: I know, I know: but it worked just fine.
Chopped Sweet Red Pepper
Chopped Tomato
Chopped Scallions

Salad Dressing Ingredients:
Drew's Thai Sesame Lime Salad Dressing
Peanut Butter, Crunchy and Organic too!
Soy Sauce
Rice Vinegar
Toasted Sesame Oil

Toss all the salad stuff in a bowl. In a mixing bowl whip up together the salad dressing ingredients to taste. Start out with a big lump of peanut butter and then add in the rest.
Dress the salad and toss!
*Extra points: garnish with a handful of Oriental rice cracker snack mix!

Ta DA!

North Beach "Re-Brands"

Although we planned having Pad Thai at Scraps we ended up for dinner at North Beach. I've avoided North Beach two seasons running as the crowd was inclined towards the behavior that brings in the police.
North Beach has never been about the food. I've now lived thru at least three menu variations on fried, fried some-more and more-over fried.
North Beach is about being with your group, listening to the live music, and watching the sunset while you eat on the sandy beach.
The latest re-branded version might redeem itself. Two semi-circular bars now hold court in the main area....... I'm certain the intention is to break up a "bad crowd".
So it took forever for dinner to be served..... the fried fish sandwich was yummy and made up for the cold stack of sweet potato fries. Next time I'll order the green beans!
Ok, North Beach see you July 4th weekend for the dance party!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Hour Dueling

How I love having dueling Happy Hour invites. Which one won?
I love a Happy Hour where I can attend "right off the beach" in beach togs and flip flops. I did clean up .... coverup, jewelry, lipstick, flip flops..... but I was still sandy behind the ears. The chosen Happy Hour was hosted at a home....... not a bar. Margaritas, munchee food, and friends I had not seen since Summer 2009 drew me in.
The competing Happy Hour was at a bar..... a venue that is more for a "big dinner date" than a Happy Hour. I would have had to have showered and "dressed-up". It was not going to happen.
My Happy Hour then segued into drinks at a friends ocean block home which then revived into a party when the original Happy Hour attendees "dropped-in"! Six hours later I returned to my tiny cottage.

ILDB: I Love Dewey Beach!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Friday Nite! "Scraps" for a new Routine!

Who does not know that Friday night is "Taco Toss" at "The Lighthouse"? Is it even possible to try a new routine?
Try this! Make your way around the Lighthouse deck to say hello to your buds...... then hang at "Que Pasa". The age group here is beyond the Taco Toss's mainstay of the 20- to 30 year group.
Then off to "Scraps" you go, sit out on the deck, and try the new Chef's menu of Thai offerings. Made to my exact "heat requirement", I adored the Pad Thai!
After dinner....... From the deck look up to the "Two Seas" to see if their top deck is in action. If so, you are in luck as it is usually only reserved for group functions and special events.
Walk in..... and sweetly request to hang at the deck bar as most likely you will be "crashing" the already in-progress event.
There is seating to the right of the bar where you will not be interfering with the event. The step down to this area is hardly noticeable...... so if you are looped expect a crash landing.
Enjoy the breeze and the view of the ocean and the bay!
Walk home happy!

Beach Blessings,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bayside: the Other Half of the story

Myself and the ocean: there is no separating the two. Yet, I am now discovering my "other half": The Bay!
Summer 2009 I did time at Cape Henlopen State Park, Bayside at The Point and explored : Slaughter Beach to Prime Hook. This Summer I am continuing the trend.
Bayside is contemplative gracing the eye with an ever changing rising or falling tide shoreline. A walk yields whelks, snails, and the oddest mollusk finds.
My newest find is Breckenbridge Beach, ~ 20 minutes North of Slaughter Beach. The long sandy and reedy beach, but not boggy, is very quiet and yielded up swimming turtles, Red Knots, American Oyster Catchers, and the seasonal mix of shorebirds.
Behind the beach the marsh is rife with Rails and Red Wing Blackbird calls.
Just now I "Googled" for this location and it came up empty handed! Is this a "Secret Beach" known only to locals?

Beach Blessings,