Monday, August 31, 2009

Till Death Dewey Party!

 By way of the Mayor's website.....
  ......... I learn the motif, " Till Death Dewey Party"!
 Get it: Till DEATH DO WE PART-y.
 For me: A Classic Dewey Beach moment... to learn this bit from the two-term Mayor herself!!!!
 I was silenced.  I missed out on Dewey in those beyond out of control years.....before the police force was formed.
Dewey still parties .......the 20-30 year old's take it seriously.
 The 40 year olds will party with the 20 year olds or the 60 year olds!  Hey, a Dewey Party is a PARTY!
The 50 to 60 year olds..... party, get a little drunk, prefer to go home... if they can find it... right to sleep....... sometimes in some one else's bed!
 Live Music IS the lifeblood of Dewey Beach.  Ok, alcohol too.
Lately there is a push to quiet down the NOIZE ..  and get this....... even a newly formed committee: Public Drunkeness!
 Myself The Beach Goddess Who Does Not DRINK Says: kill off the live music and you will be left with just a miserable hard drinking town........ and sad pathetic parties...... 
 ............. and all those that love Dewey will Part.  And feel The DEATH.  
Even the Summer House Lifers!

Beach Blessings,

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  1. You going to be around on the 24th of Sep. I'm coming for one night and would love someone to show me around. BTW, love annie's mac and cheese and always looking for something different to put in it. Mahi Mahi sounds good. email is