Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dewey Beach Election Time!

Poli-Sci Masters and PHD Candidates listen up. Dewey Beach is your oyster!  Every election is a missed thesis opportunity!!!   All your research can be accomplished partying at The Starboard! Defend the dissertation at the Rusty Rudder!
This year there are 6 candidates running for 3 Commissioner seats!  For a town that is less than 2 miles........ and despite a rash of lawsuits, some of which name Commissioners.....  this is COOL!
How we all LOVE IT that by "tradition" registration is done just seconds from the deadline date!  
How we love it that the week after the election the Candidates who won and lost meet on the beach to "bury the sand shovel"........... and then we party: the big Town of Dewey Beach Block Party!!!! " Beer on the Beach": LEGAL!  Truly :-)
This Saturday the Town of Dewey Beach Civic League will host a Meet and Greet and hear the Candidates at the swank Venus on the Half Shell restaurant........ free lunch included.  LOVE IT!
What I do NOT LOVE?
I do not love that Candidates that ran together one year are divided the next.
I do not love that all the work of campaigning, putting together a successful campaign TEAM falls apart once the "real work" is in play.
I LOVE my Town of Dewey Beach, but you guys make it hard to Love Everyone.

Beach Blessings,


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