Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Summer House" Birthdays @ 60 Years!

I was never a member of a Summer House..... ( I own my own cottage)  .... but sweetly I've been adopted as one of their own.  I love the parties! I can always find a "Summer House" member at the bar for chat and drinks.
The Big News is that the leading-edge-Boomer-Summer House Lifers are celebrating their 60th Birthdays and ~ their 25 years of Summer House Life!
Their life is almost an Endless Summer as when Summer ends....... they just rev it up for a Winter House at the beach!
This past weekend a group of us celebrated a Summer House Celebrity's 60th!  The plans came together at the last second for a requested, family-style dinner and party.
It was super sweet.  Wonderful loyal friends, beautiful food contributions and beautifully cooked, fun, silly and serious presents.  Drinks too, as this is Dewey Beach!
A 60 years Birthday Balloon adorned the room that was donated from the previous birthday party of another Summer House Celebrity!
The most fun was hearing the 25 years of Classic Dewey Beach Summer Memories!  Skiing the Dunes!  The Brief-case Brigade that threw the cases into the sea!  A Famous Safe Sex Talk presented in Drag!
Ah at 25 years of age...... Dewey Beach Was Saddam and Gomorrah.
At 60 Years Dewey Beach is still a "Way of Life".

Beach Blessings,

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  1. I love Dewey Beach! That party sounds very fun! I love a good birthday with friends.