Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dogs Rule at Dewey Beach but not at Cape Henlopen State Park

Cape Henlopen State Park (CHSP) is one of my most favorite spots on Earth........... and I love dogs....... but if you plan to spend the day there..... best to leave doggie at home.
At CHSP dogs are limited to the "surf fishing beach" and a few paved roads/trails, and not much else.
  Dogs are not allowed at The Point, The Beach Pavilion, The Fishing Pier, nor the unpaved trails.
 An early morning or late afternoon doggie walk along the paved road/trail..... is very nice.  But not nice if doggie then has to spend the remainder of it's time in the vehicle :-(
 Wildlife abounds and dogs are not in the wildlife management program ;-(
 Thus it is a little too scary when a dog appears at The Point on the public beach but near enough to the Restricted Area to possibly do damage to a Piping Plover Adult or Chicks/Fledglings.
  Now Dewey Beach is a Dog's Play Ground!  During life-guard season dog o'clock is before guards are on duty, I think until ~ 8:30 AM......and then after 5:30 PM.  They will need a license from Town Hall.
  Dewey Doggies all know each other...... they wait to hear the life guard's whistle and some even walk themselves up to the beach....... where family awaits! 
 My favorite is Otis, The Mayor!  He RULES, but sweetly so.  Otis roamed the streets of Baltimore until he made it to the steps of Catholic Charities where he was promptly adopted.  Otis now lives beach-block....... .and when I see him gaze at the ocean...... in his eyes it is beyond apparent....  he KNOWS he is a LUCKY DOG!  

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