Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rehoboth Beach Jazz Fest 2009: World Class, Baby!

This was my third year attending The Rehoboth Beach Jazz Fest.  Each year I am astounded.  It leaves me hyperventilating.  It takes me more than a month to calm down.  Why?
The live music performances are World Class, baby, and the venue is not even 2 miles from my beach shack!  ( Of course, I drive over 200 miles one-way just to be at my beachy-shack ).   World Class Jazz in the almost-sleepy resort of Rehoboth...... who pays attention?  Mostly Jazz lovers hailing from Baltimore, Wilmington, and the greater Wash. D.C. area, and yes, the locals too.  
Listen up World: Be JEALOUS: our Jazz Fest sizzles and steams.  It is the biggest music festival secret around. 
"This Economy", the Panic of 2008, The Recession did not even touch the ticket sales.  Most of the concerts were sold out!  Live music Feeds The Soul and one must put food on the Soul's Table.  People bought the tickets.
I took in the following concerts: Jason Miles and the Soul Summit 2, Jazz Attack, and Brian Culbertson.
Jason Miles: always puts on a production and the Soul Summit was smooth, sensual, and fun! Richard Elliot on the Saxophone gifted us with profound moments.  We stood up and "Woah-ed" in utter disbelief!
Jazz Attack brought back Richard Elliot, with Rick Braun and Jonathan Butler and their back up musicians. Their most urbane-urban jazz was sexy, smoking hot.  And they entertained too!
Brian Culbertson: I should say first that he is a freaking keyboard GENIUS Virtuoso, but I wanted to say first that he is Rock Star gorgeous and plays the role too! His 10 piece back up group are as fine as Brian ;-)  
Brian's gig on the keyboard, trombone and drums was "Bringing Back The Funk": his rock star emotional-physicality, played and wound  the smooth jazz beats, around and into "The Funk", funky rhythms.  We were on our feet, begging and screaming for more and more.
I also took in a "non" official Jazz Fest concert of Deanna Bogart at Dewey Beach's Rusty Rudder.  Deanna is a local favorite and did not dissapoint playing two sets, serving up her Great White Woman brings home Great Big Slabs of Juicy and Crunchy N'awlins Boogie-Woogie Blues!
Sunday Night many of the Jazz attendees and musicians poured into The Forgotten Mile's "The Just in Thyme" restaurant for drinks, mostly drinks, and an informal jazz session headed by keyboard virtuoso David Zipse.
Our small town loves Jazz and Jazz Loves Being At The Beach!

Beach Blessings,


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