Monday, October 12, 2009

Greyhounds Reach The Beach and Get Wed Too!

Do you dream of getting married on the beach?  I do. And so do Greyhounds and their owners. And thus they did!
When Greyhounds Reach The Beach @ Dewey Beach, my goal is: how many can I pet? :-)
My Saturday Evening beach walk started out with nary a Greyhound in sight for a pet.  I was sad and contemplated going into Rehoboth just to find the pets!
While on Read Street my luck turned: I saw a gathering crowd of Greyhounds and Owners.  Soon I lost count of how many hounds I was petting....... but then I started to notice the fancy retro-1940's hat and dress party atmosphere.  The dogs in costume.... not the owners!!!
 I was informed to put on my manners for a Double Greyhound Wedding!  Two Grooms in Military Dress!  Two Brides in flowing white chiffon! Flower Girls and a Wedding Party all in fancy gowns and tux's and swish-swishing tails.
When the Minister of Ceremonies asked if any Man or Dog should object to the wedded union......... indeed five minutes of sad-dog-houndy-hound-ing-moaning and yelping ensued! 
The ceremony did continue despite the objections and upon completion everyone clapped and the hounds barked!
After the ceremony, one of the grooms lost his manners and pissed on the Bride Maid of Honor's pink chiffon gown!  Time to forget the faux-pas and party-on!  This is Dewey Beach!
A Wedding Cake and Grey Houndy-treat Reception followed at the near-by motel's pool-side.

Beach Blessings

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