Monday, October 5, 2009

Dewey Beach Music Conference and Brother Joscephus!

I love beyond measure The Dewey Beach Music Conference invasion!   ~ 150 bands arrive to play at ~ 7 venues, with ~ 12 stages! The music industry scouts and booking agents do daytime workshops and mentoring.  For the general public there is no cover charge to take in the performances!
Our tiny town, not even 2 miles long is utterly given over to the event.  Walk the town and live original music is found at every step.  Fun moments are easy to find.
  ~ 12 midnight at The Grotto ( pizza shop) I saw a Mississippi Delta Blues group playing...... as it was well lighted and perfect for videoing. Patrons were in adoration mode.
One of the best people watching events of the season, I adore tracking the fashion.  This year the rockstar's girlfriends gave up their hippie Boho skirts and dresses, boots...... as in-oh -so-2008, for 2009's very skinny, dark wash jeans, shiny and seductive stilettos and sky-high platforms.  For both guys and dolls, shiny, long flowing hair was the favorite accessory.  "Brittish Invasion" style was heavily favored.
I started out at the Bottle and Cork...... two stages set up...... and on the bigger stage, took in "Roman Traffic" working progressive rock with atmospheric trance rhythms. 
I give a group 30 seconds..... and if I am not entranced, then off I go to the next venue....the next group did not make the cut.... I was off to the Rusty Rudder.
Out on the deck I was WOW-WOWED by "Brother Joscephus and The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra".  This group delivered the tunes and entertained! 
Hang with me for the descriptors:  top-speed smooth jazz gone N'awlins Gospel Revival, with the 80's "Village People" gone to Mardi Gras Party down in N-e-w O-r-leans!  
The group wore only white, pink and purple, campy costumes, and were loaded down with Mardi Gras beads which of course were flung into the crowd.
The keyboard player, wearing head to toe white tails, wore a King's Crown of Purple. 
Most bizarre was that he wore white gloves...... not a trace of humanity, ( no skin ), touched the keyboard...... thus the performance was otherworldly.  No trance rhythms here but the music and visuals transported!
And oh-how-I-loved-it when Brother J announced: Ladies, if you do not have a man, then one will be provided for you!
I provide a link:
Needless to say the crowd pressed upon the stage and went half crazy when the set was over....... as the next group was up!
 A classic Dewey Beach evening!  


  1. Thank you SO much for your very kind comments, Beach Goddess!! We had a phenomenal time in Dewey Beach - definitely wanna come back next year! Oh, and so you know, I'm the back-up singer who was NOT wearing the karate outfit.

    And yes, our keyboard player, the Right Reverend Dean Dawg, is extremely otherworldly - and crazy talented. We couldn't do it without him. He writes all those kick-ass arrangements we played.

  2. Hey, Seoul Sistah,
    Dean Dawg is indeed beyond genius!
    So what was with your colleague's Karate outfit???? She is so cute!